Downpour leaves at least 7 dead and missing in Northern region

Downpour left at least seven dead and went missing after the Northern region was deluged by torrential rain.
Downpour leaves at least 7 dead and missing in Northern region ảnh 1 Flood is seen in Hoa Mat District of Hoa Binh Province 

The Vietnam Disaster Management Authority said that at least 7 people were dead and missing after torrential rain knocked out power, caused landslides, and left roads and subways submerged. Currently, the rain has not stopped, and the number of victims may still increase because the localities have not yet reported, still continuing to update.
In the mountainous Northern Province of Lao Cai, 15-year-old boy Vu Duc Duy in Pom Han Ward went missing when he went through the spillway and was swept away by the flood.
Elsewhere, Hoa Binh Province reported that three people were dead and two went missing.
The two victims who are still missing are 17-year-old Bui Duc Thanh in Kim Boi District and 38-year-old Dinh Ngoc Huong in Lac Thuy District.
According to Mr. Quach Dinh Van, Chairman of the People's Committee in Kim Boi Commune of Hoa Binh Province, at about 3pm on August 11 at Boi River, victim Bui Duc Thanh and two friends together went to the Boi River to catch fish. When they crossed the Boi River together, the two friends successfully crossed to the other side, and Thanh was suddenly swept away by the flood.
Downpour leaves at least 7 dead and missing in Northern region ảnh 2 A road in Hoa Binh Province is deluged by torrential rain
In Phu Tho province, one person was swept away by a flood when passing through an underground overflow in Thanh Son district; currently, local authorities are seeking information about the victim.
This afternoon, the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control issued a dispatch for an urgent response to rain and flooding in many localities in the North.
According to the Committee’s request, local administration must place warning posts in high-risk areas as well as send guards to underground passages and deeply flooded and divided roads to prevent people and vehicles from passing.
In the past few days, due to the impact of the storm No. 2, a heavy downpour of rain struck northern mountainous provinces, causing serious damage to people, mainly due to carelessness such as being swept away by floods, crossing streams, overflowing with fast-flowing water, children drown.
According to the forecast bulletin of the National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting, heavy rain will continue in northern mountainous provinces.
Downpour leaves at least 7 dead and missing in Northern region ảnh 3 Duong Dinh Nghe Street in My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi is submerged seriously

By Van Phuc – Translated by Anh Quan

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