Deputy PM advocates restricted use of private vehicles

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee, on Thursday instructed the Ministries of Finance and Transport to submit a proposal that will restrict use of privately owned vehicles by increasing toll fee, in a move to restore more traffic order and safety in Ho Chi Minh City.

Private vehicles in the city centre will be charged a toll fee in future (Photo: SGGP)

On Thursday afternoon, Deputy PM Phuc, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang and representatives from other relevant departments and ministries met with City leaders to find ways to improve traffic safety and curb congestion.

Mr. Phuc was in agreement with City leaders and said that the Government will instruct relevant authorities to relocate schools, hospitals, ministry and department headquarters, ports and industrial manufacturing units from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.

Traffic police will be given more authority to fine traffic violators and penalty amounts will be increased.

The City can also appoint more contractors and investors for important traffic projects so that they can be completed at the earliest, which will help ease traffic congestion.

At the meeting, Nguyen Huu Tin, Deputy Chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee discussed some solutions that the city has implemented to curb traffic jams.

Measures include, stepping up propaganda to raise awareness amongst residents to abide by traffic laws and strengthening of inspections to crack down on violators.

Mr. Phuc praised the city’s efforts to improve traffic regulations. However, he also pointed out some problems which the city should tackle, like high death toll of traffic accidents and illegal motorcycle racing.

HCMC has also to pay more heed to the new school and office timings, as cars are still found parked along streets and overloaded trucks continue to ply through the inner city centre.

Mr. Phuc asked the city to strive to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 30 per cent and casualties by 20 per cent, while also mapping out a plan to clear highly vulnerable spots on roads where traffic accidents and jams occur regularly.
Besides, the city should focus on and develop more parking areas to meet the ever increasing demand; speed up relocation of schools, hospitals, ministry and department headquarters, ports and industrial manufacturing units from the city centre; mobilise resources to improve traffic infrastructure; and ban parking along pavements and streets.

As for illegal motorcycle racing, the secretary of the particular District Party Committee Secretary must be held responsible.

By staff writers – Translated by Hai Mien

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