Denmark launches environmental protection campaign

The Danish Embassy in Ha Noi launched a “Green Embassy” campaign on Jan. 19 to raise the awareness of the importance of environmental protection, in anticipation of the effects of climate change.

In order to reduce its power consumption by two percent and cut down on its use of paper by 10 percent, the embassy plans to install energy-saving lights and electronic devices, as well as recycling batteries and shutting down all office equipment that is not in use.

According to Danish Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen Vietnam is said to be one of the five countries to suffer the most from the effects of global climate change.

Danish Minister of Development Ulla Tornaes suggested that people raise their awareness of energy-saving measures and adopt more environmental protection measures in order to ensure the planet is both greener and cleaner.

The campaign is part of a series of joint activities by the Vietnamese and Danish governments to protect the environment.

Vietnam is the first country to receive Danish funding of almost 40 million USD to implement a national programme for climate change, which runs from now until 2013.

Source: VNA

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