Demonstrator “not beaten” on July 17, say police

There was no beating and trampling by Hanoi authorities of people who participated in a demonstration on July 17, 2011, the Investigation Police Agency under Hanoi Police Department confirmed on August 2.

Basing on the investigation and documentation, the Hanoi Police Investigation Agency concluded, “there is no evidence to confirm Nguyen Chi Duc was beaten and trampled by the force undertaking to ensure order and security while he was taking part in a spontaneous demonstration against China ’s violations of Vietnam ’s sovereignty in the East Sea on July 17, 2011”.

To ensure order and security, the police force patiently persuaded demonstrators to disperse and only used coercion when demonstrators deliberately concentrated to hinder traffic and cause security disorder, Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Duc Nhanh, Director of the Hanoi Police Department said.

Relating to photos and a video clip on the police force carrying a citizen in the July 17 demonstration, Lieut. Gen. Nhanh said the investigation agency coordinated with the Hanoi People’s Procuracy to investigate and clear up the information.

The man who was carried to a bus is Nguyen Chi Duc, who was born in 1976 and resided at room 503, building A1, lane 1, Kham Thien street , Dong Da district, Hanoi . Duc is a staff member at the customer service centre of Hanoi Telecommunications Company.

On the morning of July 17, Duc took part in a march in the Dien Bien Phu-Tran Phu street area of Hanoi . The police force persuaded and asked demonstrators, including Duc, to leave the area to prevent disorder and traffic chaos, but Duc did not observe these directions and sat on the ground. Therefore, the police force was forced to carry Duc to the bus, bringing him to the police station at No. 1 My Dinh, Tu Liem district of Hanoi for further explanation.

To clarify whether Ngyen Chi Duc was beaten or not, the authorities met and asked Duc to clearly present the issue. In his report, Duc affirmed that nobody had beaten him and there was only pushing when he was being carried to the bus. At that time, Duc admitted himself that he had suffered no injury, and he refused to go for a medical examination.

Although Duc refused, the investigation agency asked Duc’s management agency to take him for a medical examination. At Hospital E in Hanoi , doctor checked and concluded that no injury was detected on Duc’s body./


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