Da Nang City spends $ 366.3 million on solid waste management

The central city of Da Nang has planned to spend VND8,500 billion ($366.3 million) on solid waste management as a part of the decree No. 204.

A waste landfill in Da nang City (Photo: SGGP)

A waste landfill in Da nang City (Photo: SGGP)

According to the plan, all households and industrial parks, factories and organizations in communes in the city must sort out their solid waste produced during daily activities by 2025.
Moreover, the recycling rate must be 15 percent of generated waste. Total cost of the plan will be VND8,546 billion including VND1,936 billion taken from the city’s state and VND6,610 billion from social contribution.
The city strives to stop bury households solid waste in landfills by 2020 but invest in new waste treatment plants and improve other factories to thoroughly treat waste in Khanh Son landfill in District Lien Chieu plus buried solid waste rate at 25 percent.
Additionally, the authority planned to eliminate waste produced spontaneously causing pollution in public places, residential quarters. What is more, the city authority will encourage enterprises and people to keep sanitation.
Everyday, the city generates approximately 1,000 tons of household waste. Presently, the city planned to concert landfill Khanh Son into solid treatment area.
Moreover, the city authority green lighted the Vietnam Urban Environment Company to build a waste treatment plant with capacity of 650 ton a day and it is scheduled that the plant will be operated in the end of 2020.
What else? The city authority is planning a plant to burn waste with capacity of 1,500 ton a day, a plant to treat medical waste in Khanh Son area.

By NGOC PHUC - Translated by ANH QUAN

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