Covid-19 Prevention Committee asks to tighten control in border crossings

The National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has requested to beef up control in border crossings and closely monitor small and open trails to prevent illegal entries into Vietnam.
In its urgent dispatch to the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Public Security, people’s committees in cities and provinces, the committee requested these ministries and authorities to take heed of illicit entries because the Ministry of Health has lately recorded some cases of Covid-19 from overseas countries who were quarantined soon to curb community transmission.
The committee also asked the Ministry of Public Security to regularly screen for any case of illegal entry and pay attention to construction sites, companies, education venues, hotels, and guesthouses.
Amid the Covid-19 development in the world, some foreigners entered Vietnam without permission and isolation as per the regulations. Therefore, the pandemic is highly possible to return Vietnam if authorities neglect management.
People’s committees in cities and provinces asked local administrations to disseminate information of the disease as well as encourage people to inform administrators when they discover illegal entries.

By Thanh An - Translated by Anh Quan

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