Cattle development project helps ethnic minority households escape poverty

Many ethnic minority households in the Southern Province of Binh Phuoc’s border districts Bu Dop and Bu Gia Map have escaped poverty thanks to buffalo cattle development project implemented since 2007, said the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Each participant households have been provided two mother buffaloes which will be transferred to other households after two years. Though the project ended in 2017, 56 primary buffaloes have given birth baby buffalo; therefore, the cattle herd have multiplied rapidly to 200 helping 100 households to have stable living condition.
The project has assisted 70 percent households in disadvantaged Thien Cu village in Bu Dop District with many poverty-stricken households to have better lives. Now, just 6 households in the village are still in poverty line.
The Department has consulted the province People’s Committee to continue implementing the project in contribution to poverty reduction program covering 1,000 poor ethnic minority households.

By Hoang Bac - Translated by Anh Quan

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