Anti-Drug Law To Be Strengthened

The National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC) has scrutinized the draft of revisions to the Anti-Drug Law to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of drug prevention and control.

NASC scrutinized the Anti-Drug Law to improve the effectiveness of drug prevention and control

At its seventh session in Ha Noi on April 2, the majority of committee members pointed to the need to increase the responsibility and competence of anti-drug bodies, including border guards, maritime police, customs and related public security agencies.

They also agreed more specific requirements need to be made on household- or community-based detoxification models for drug addicts and measures to prevent reformed addicts from falling back into using drugs.

The regulations will also be revised to increase responsibilities of People’s Committees at all levels, particularly commune-level People’s Committees. A number of names and words defining some ministries and People’s Committees will be amended so they fall in line with the new laws.

NA Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien agreed with other committee members on extending the competency of agencies in charge of drug prevention and control, including border guards and maritime police. However, many members also discussed the need to entrust public security forces with complicated cases.

Source: VNA

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