Abnormal crack threatening local residents

In the last few days, inhabitants of Muong Xen Town (in the mountainous District of Ky Son, Nghe An Province) have been frantically worried about the abnormal crack in the nearby mountain. The scene is only around 100 meters away from the residential area.

Certain part of the crack is 1 meter wide and 5 meters deep

Certain part of the crack is 1 meter wide and 5 meters deep

Recently, residents of Hamlet 4 and a part of Hamlet 5 in Muong Xen Town have discovered that the slope higher than the mountain road of National Way 7 have had an unusual crack. This crack is 200 meters long, 50 centimeters wide, and more than 1 meter deep on average.

A closer survey showed that the crack became more and more serious. In particular, on March 17, police officers of Ky Son District noticed that certain parts of the crack have a width of nearly 1 meter or a depth of almost 5 meters. The scene is only 100 meters away from the residential area, which could threaten tens of households living nearby as well as National Way 7 and the 35Kv electric line.

Mr. Lau Ba Tenh, Head of Division of Natural Resources and Environment of Ky Son District, shared that when receiving the urgent news from inhabitants, the division immediately came to the scene to make a detailed report. The Chairman of Ky Son District People’s Committee also submitted a report to the province about this problem.

According to Mr. Tenh, nature has created this crack adding that local authorities are waiting for instruction from higher organizations to address this issue.

Meanwhile, the district and related agencies are analyzing methods to cope with this for the time being. Particularly, they might build temporary embankment or dig away the soil near the crack to avoid its further development.

Local authorities also discussed with more than 10 households who are living on the mountain foot about moving them away from the dangerous location. The 5 most threatened of them have already been moved.

By DUY CUONG – Translated by Thanh Tam

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