6th session of the National Assembly opens in Hanoi

The Standing Committee discussed draft amendments to the Tax Management Law, aimed at reducing tax collection loss, preventing tax dodging and modernizing administrative procedures during its 6th session today (Mar 20).

Previously, the 6th session of the National Assembly opened in Hanoi yesterday, March 19, and will focus on discussing amendments to the Constitution.

In his opening speech, NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said that it will be a long session during which several important issues will be discussed.

He added that the 1992 Constitution summary and review was implemented by Government bodies, unions and various political and social organisations. The committee will correct and edit content and technical aspects of the document during the upcoming meetings in order to submit it to concerned bodies in the near future.

During the nine-day session, the committee will offer suggestions to some important draft laws, including those on tobacco prevention; money laundering; university education and deposit insurance, said the NA Chairman.

The committee will also discuss some important ordinances; plans for State bond distribution; bolster human resources for proposed national programmes and project reforms; and improvement to NA activities.

After the speech by NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, the session was conducted by Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu.

The National Assembly Standing Committee also heard and discussed a summary report of the 1992 Constitution on the first day of its 6th session yesterday.

In the morning of Mar 20, NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung blamed tax dodging and illegal activities for dwindling tax collection, calling for the rights and responsibilities of taxpayers and tax officers, alongside strict punishment measures to be made clear.

He said that amendments should put forward the implementation of electronic tax management services.

Nguyen Van Giau, chairman of the NA's Economic Committee, added that based on initial investigations, many articles in the draft law were too general, including conditions for tax debt clearance and punishment.

Sharing view point with Giau, Finance Minister Vuong Dinh Hue stressed that to ensure transparency and equity in clearing tax debt, it was necessary to work out specific criteria and co-operation regulations.

The Minister of Finance should be responsible for deciding tax debt clearance cases instead of the Government, chairman of the NA's Law Committee Phan Trung Ly added.

To limit tax dodgers, the committee suggested that administrative punishment levels be pushed up dependent on the level of offence and money owed.

Chairman of the NA's Jusice Committee Nguyen Van Hien said tax officers should take responsibility for wrong-doings related to tax collection according to appropriate punishment measures.

The committee further called for effective measures to control and investigate self-declaration and self-payment activities.

The draft law needs to clearly define the responsibilities of taxpayers in applying modern technologies to make tax declarations and payments via the internet and electronic code systems, he added.

During the session, the NA standing committee is scheduled to question two cabinet ministers: Health minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and Home Affairs minister Nguyen Thai Binh on March 26. The question and answer meeting will be televised nationwide.

Ms. Tien will reply to questions relating to human resources involved in disease prevention, examination and treatment, medical ethics and the recent increase of medical service fees.

Mr. Binh will provide information on pressing issues relating to recruitment; education and training for state cadres and civil servants; regulations and policies for semi-professional staff at the commune level and measures for improving administration at the grassroots level.

Source SGGP - Translated by Dan

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