Many bus operators announce Tet tickets sold out on routes to Central region

Currently, bus companies at inter-provincial coach stations in Ho Chi Minh City are selling Tet tickets or receiving reservations. Especially, Tet tickets of branded buses and high-quality sleeper buses on the routes from Ho Chi Minh City to the Central provinces have been announced to be sold out. Ticket prices have increased by 40-60 percent, depending on the route.

 At the new Mien Dong (Eastern) Coach Station, many limousine and high-quality sleeper bus operators announced to sell out Tet tickets after a week of opening.

As customers have booked tickets online in advance, the number of people directly coming the coach station to buy Tet tickets is less than that in previous years. Bus companies said that this year, passengers tend to return to their hometown earlier, so Tet tickets have been sold out quickly.

It is forecast that the number of visitors in the ten days before Tet will increase by about 70 percent compared to last year, reaching nearly 11,000 visitors a day. On the routes to the Central region, sleeper tickets have been sold out and there are only seat tickets left.

Similarly, at old Eastern Coach Station where there are some bus companies only serving routes to the Central Highlands, despite a decrease in the number of routes, the number of passengers during Tet is forecast to increase by 30 percent, peaking on December 26-29 to reach about 11,000-14,000 people. Amid the situation, the bus station also has plans to increase the number of vehicles in case that the number of visitors during Tet increases dramatically.

Currently, coach stations are actively coordinating with transport businesses to increase vehicles to meet the high travel demand for the upcoming Tet holiday. Besides, they are coordinating with functional units to strengthen inspection and supervision over ticket prices, prevent fake tickets, black market tickets and price gouging.