Young man sets up fundraising project with small change to build school, bridge

A leader of Tinh nguyen niem tin ( Voluntary trust) group has fundraising with small change of VND750 million (US$32,572) for construction of a school and a bridge in the Central region where was badly hit by flood and storm lately.

Trung and children in mountainous area (Photo: SGGP)

Trung and children in mountainous area (Photo: SGGP)

Leader Hoang Hoa Trung has strong belief that his group will be successful in raising enough the sum for construction of the school and the bridge in Tr’Hy Commune of the Central Province of Quang Nam’s Tay Giang Dsitrict which was swept away in the flood on October 21; therefore, though the group has just kicked off the plan, he is preparing for groundbreaking.
Border guards and volunteers in the commune have just laid a temporary bamboo bridge across the river so that students can go to school. Watching small children crossing the river in the bamboo temporary bridge, he desired to build a concrete one for them.
Trung supposed that amongst works in the aftermath of the flood and the storm, building schools and bridges is top priority. He nurtured the plan to build preschool 61 in Thuong Trach Commune in the Central Province of Qang Binh’s Bo Trach where 37 students from Van Kieu , Bru and Chut ethnic minority groups are learning.
Construction of schools and bridges in the aftermath of storm and flood is a part of a program named “ Suc manh 2,000- Tien le moi ngay – trieu nguoi chung tay- Xay nghin truong moi ( The Power of VND 2,000 - A little change every day - A million participants - A thousand new schools) was launched in February. It is a fundraising program under the project "Light of the mountains - A new school for children in the mountainous/ remote areas per year" which was created in 2012 and guarded by the Vietnam National Volunteer Center.
The project "Light of the mountains - A new school for children in the mountainous/ remote areas per year" firstly aimed to build one or two schools to eradicate dilapidated schools across the country and build new schools, bridge and charitable houses for the poor in the underprivileged districts.
Thanks to massive support of the community and belief in the new way in carrying out the project, Trung is confident that from 2020, 70-80 construction sites including schools, student dormitories, charitable houses and bridges will be built annually.
Trung supposed the group will be able to build around 300 schools if 100,000 participants each donate VND2,000 daily. With 2 million participants not mention to participation of celebrities such as famous singers and footballers, the mission will be completed.
Many people surprised at his unique way of thinking. For instance, in 2014, he decided to launch project “Nuoi em” (Feeding children) since he concerned that children dropped out of new schools in mountainous areas because of hunger.
He planned that one person will fee one child in disadvantaged mountainous districts or each benefactor just donate VND150,000 monthly to help one child have a meal at their schools. The project received warm welcome with nearly 20,000 participants which means nearly 20,000 children are fed in nine provinces in the country.
Hoang Hoa Trung born in 1990 in Hanoi started doing charities at the age of 18 after he overcame his private incident realizing that happiness comes to him when he brings happiness to others.
With his creativity, anything can be a clue for him in doing charitable deed. Trung shares that he used to sell Bat Trang faulty pottery products since 2009 and later vended junks and scraps. Agricultural products, fertilizer, motorcycle insurance to collect nearly VND 100 million per year for charitable work.
He has unique way to call for social contribution to charitable deed. He set up touching stories illustrated with pictures; for example, he filmed little boy Y Hoat’s soup bowl with only some slices of pumpkin and his three crickets which he accidently saw while travelling to Kon Pne Commune in the Central Highlands Province of Gia Lai). Little orphan Y Hoat must live with his old grandmother in a house with door.
One month after the store was post in social network, benefactors joined hands to build new houses each worth VND80 million (US$ 3,477) for the orphan and two other orphans in Gia Lai Province,
Another story is that he called for donation of lucky money in Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year) to build school. Just 5 days later, he received a sum of money enough for building two schools. As a result, three schools in communes Huoi Nong, Huoi Anh, Nam Nhu in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien were built in early 2020.
He has detailed information of each project and program by applying technology. Most of all, he persuaded leaders of e-wallet Momo to design fundraising for charities collecting small changes everyday. All collected money will be transferred to the National Volunteer Center.
His team has won several prizes from 2009 till now.

By Hoai Duong - Translated by Kim Khanh

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