Benefactor gives long-term help to elderly women

A successful female entrepreneur has made meaningful contribution to the society by giving a helping hand to poor people and orphans. For seven years now, she has pursued a long-term charity project, where nine poor, elderly women in her hometown each receive VND200,000 toward medical or food expenses.

Ms. Kim Dinh and her nephew

Born in 1954 in Hoa Phu Commune, Cu Chi District, HCM City, Kim Dinh had a wretched and hard childhood. Her father died when she was just nine months old. Shortly afterward, her mother married another man and left her to the care of her poor grandmother, who depended on gleaning rice from harvested paddy fields for a livelihood.

Later in life, Dinh got married and had three children. Twenty-five years ago, she invested in a large-scale cultivation and faced huge losses due to a lean harvest. Her husband left her because she was crippled with debts.

Unable to stand seeing her children living a life of deprivation, Dinh, decided to leave her home town alone for Nhan Co, a new economic zone in Dac Nong Province at the time, to find land for growing and breeding.

After a few years throwing herself into all sorts of hard work to earn money, luck finally smiled on Dinh when one day the local government granted her a plot of land to grow industrial trees.

Thanks to the assistance of the Youth Volunteer Force in Nhan Co, Dinh successfully grew vast green bamboo and Neohouzeaua forests and supplied the produce to paper plants. She soon repaid all her debts and all her family began to live an improved life.

There after, Kim Dinh began to invest in other businesses, including real estate and mining. The more she earns money, the more she donates to charity. She has given help to orphanages, hospitals and homes for elderly people.

Dinh said, “I empathize with the sufferings of poor and needy people, they really need a helping hand, as I did twenty-five years ago. I empathize with the emotional deprivation of orphans, too, because I, myself, and the kids are fatherless.”

Since August 2002, Kim Dinh decided to give help to nine elderly women in Cu Chi by donating VND200,000 to each of them, until the end of their lives.

Three of them have now passed away. The others are still receiving the money from Dinh to pay for their daily meals or medical expenses.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan, 86, lives alone in a small corrugated -iron roofed house. She gets the money from Dinh and gives it to her neighbor to buy rice and cook porridge for her every day.

Ms. Xuan said, “I don’t know how to manage without Dinh’s help.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ta, 78, lives with her daughter and two nieces, who all suffer from mental disabilities. Recently, Ta has undergone eye surgery and become weakened. The money she gets from Dinh helps her to partially pay for the medical expenses.

Living near Ms. Ta’s house is 86 year old widow Nguyen Thi Ben, whose only son is a patient with a neurological disease. Ben and her son earn money by picking up dried cow dung and selling it to gardeners.

Ben said, “VND200,000 is a fortune for me because me and my son can earn only VND5,000 a day. I use the money to buy medicines for my son.”

Asked about her philanthropy, Dinh said, “I’m happy that I can do something for the poor, elderly women although I do know that VND200,000 is just a modest amount of money for a person to live a month. But better do something than nothing.”

Every time Dinh returns to Cu Chi, she always visits the elderly women to give them words of comfort and small gifts, like a can of sweetened condensed milk or some eggs. To these unfortunate elderly women, Dinh is like a filial daughter of their own.

Cao Thi Hong Diep, officer of the Hoa Phu Commune Red Cross, said, “We highly appreciate the help of generous benefactors like Kim Dinh, as it is very meaningful to poor people living in remote areas like our commune.” 

By staff writers – Translated by Phuong Lan

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