Vietnamese police break up baby-smuggling ring

The Ministry of Public Security's Crime Investigation Police Department has coordinated with the Police Department of Hanoi’s Thanh Tri District and the Crime Investigation Police Department of Cao Bang Province to shut down a baby trafficking ring involving local and foreign smugglers who allegedly sold newborn babies to China.

Police rescue four infants.

Police rescue four infants.

Police rescued four infants that were sold to Chiniese buyers and detained four mothers and a 8-month pregnant woman. They also discovered two women who are getting ready to deliver babies were brought to China.
Colonel Phan Manh Truong, Deputy head of the Crime Investigation Police Department said that the human smugglers usually pretend to play as the couples who want to adopt babies and seek poor pregnant women and big families having many children that can not feed and educate their children.
The police have widened their investigation of the baby-smuggling ring.

By staff writers – Translated by Kim Khanh

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