Vietnam issues new regulation on residence law

On May 25, the Vietnamese government issued a new Law on Residence under which each citizen may only register one location as their official permanent residence.

The new Regulation on Residence, scheduled to take effect July 10, says that in Vietnam’s two largest cities (Hanoi and HCMC), the minimum area required to rent out to dwellers is 5 square meters.  The government adopted the regulation in order to prevent the owners of small households from profiting by placing additional names on their home’s registration.

Some renting houses in Hanoi. The new regulation on Residence says  the minimum area required to rent out to dwellers is 5 square meters. in Vietnam’s two largest cities (Hanoi and HCMC)

The new regulation also says governmental agencies and people’s committees are responsible for prohibiting illegal acts and imposing penalties on violators.

The 2007 Residence Law stipulates non-local residents who are eligible to permanently or temporarily reside in a city can request that local authorities issue a “ho khau” (household register) or a certificate of temporary residence to them. Now, tenants must have more documents including certificates to prove that they renting the house legally with the confirmation of the local government.

Meanwhile, it must clearly state in rental contracts for houses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the area’s width.

In the event of a non-local resident applying for a ho khau in order to officially reside in a hired house, or in a house where he or she is allowed to live with the owner, the applicant must obtain the homeowner’s consent in writing, in case they lack an essential documentation.

Source: VNA - Translated by Nha Tran

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