Thieves break into supermarket to take away cash, jewelry

A group of seven people broke into several gold shops in the Maximak Cong Hoa Supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Binh District on early morning October 15 to steal a large number of precious metals.

After shop owners discovered that many of jewelry had been stolen, they informed the police.

Supermarket wall showed that a group of seven people broke into the supermarket at 3AM  on the day and used pincers, axes, and soldering-iron to destroy the safes and take away cash, bullion and jewelry.

Thieves shuffled through the papers on employees’ desks and other places to search for money but they just took away gold as banks never leave cash at the bank. The branch of Asian Commercial Bank; SJC Minh Khai, PNJ and some other jewelry shops are these shops thieves visited. The most loss shop is SJC Minh Khai. The owner said all the gold jewelries and a big amount of money were stolen but it can not know how much.

Representative of Maximark Cong Hoa said that so far the supermarket has not had any thefts as security in the supermarket is always under tight controls of safeguards and police in district.

By Pham Minh - Translated by Anh Quan

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