Police raid fake nutritional supplement company in Hanoi

Police Department's Economic Crime Investigation Division (PC46) raided a company producing fake nutritional supplements several days ago, said Police in Hanoi on June 8.

The quantity of the fake nutritional supplements is reported very big. Police detected Luong Tuan Long and Le Dinh Hanh , both are 24, employees of company Medical Development Investment and Chemical VQTech in Ha Dong District of Hanoi while they were transporting five big carton containers containing nutritional supplement.

Most of products are made under brand name of Australian producer Costar. The fake products include 108 jelly jars with 365 tablets in each and 50 phials of sheep Placentra and essence of Baby Sheep with each containing 100 tablets.

The two employees could not provide certificate of origin.

Police researched the company office, warehouse and factory of VQTech Company whose director is Tran Nhu Quynh, 28. Police seized around 20 tons of low quality nutritional supplements and production materials and seal stamps.

Tran Nhu Quynh said at police station that the company had manufactured fake nutritional supplement since October, 2014.  She set up the company and registered to sell nutritional supplement at Vietnam Food Administration. But she hired people to make fake products in other places and put fake products on markets.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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