Police expose use of toxic chemicals in tofu production plant

The Environment Police recently exposed Binh Minh Unit for using toxic chemicals to produce tofu and tofu skin in Long Tuyen Ward, Binh Thuy District in Can Tho City.

Police found six types of chemicals including 179 kilograms of food additives BZ, 5 kilograms of Myuc Std, 12.5 kilograms of Phos—An, 12 kilograms of Carfosei, 11 kilograms of Pear Pog and 39 kilograms of hydrosulfite.

Hydrosulfite is normally used in the textile and dying industries, paper powder bleach and Kaolin clay.

Hydrosulfite is known to cause cancer, asthma and respiratory problems and intoxicate the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system. Long-term contact with this chemical will damage internal organs.

Police officials consolidated and secured the chemicals and took samples of product and wastewater for chemical pollutants.

Binh Minh Unit currently has 18 workers and produces 250 kilograms of tofu products per day.

By Binh Dai – Translated by Hai Mien

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