Police agency proposes to prosecute 15 in cross-country smuggling case

The Investigation Police Agency under the Ministry of Public Security on January 13 proposed to prosecute 15 people involved in the case of Nhat Cuong mobile company’s cross-country smuggling and accounting violations which caused serious consequences.

General director Bui Quang Huy has not been caught

General director Bui Quang Huy has not been caught

The case was orchestrated by the company’s general director named Bui Quang Huy along with the deputy general director Tran Ngoc Anh.

According to the investigation, Huy and Anh, along with the other defendants, from 2014 to 2019 allegedly ordered over 255,000 electronics products worth nearly VND3,000 billion (about US$130 million) from suppliers in Hong Kong, China.

Huy hired people to transport the goods into Vietnam without going through customs or declaring taxes, and into Nhat Cuong mobile’s various warehouses before reaching consumers.

Evidences pointed out that Huy instructed Anh to keep track of transactions through a private software for internal use, and use another database to declare publicly.

Police concluded that Huy is guilty of “Smuggling” as the mastermind.

The Investigation Police Agency decided to suspend Huy’s prosecution until he is captured.

By Do Trung - Translated by Tan Nghia

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