New ordinance on control of weapons and explosives

The Presidential Office yesterday anounced the President's decree promulgating the ordinance on the management and use of weapons, explosive materials and supporting tools, which was passed by the National Assembly's Standing Committee on June 30.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Pham Quy Ngo said that there is already a significant number of legal documents on the issue, but the older decrees were seen as weak, and the country's changing socio-economy demanded new legislation.

The new ordinance regulates state management of weapons and explosives, and also stipulates when it is appropriate to fire guns and use supporting tools. It outlines how to hand in destructive weapons and bans individuals from owning them.

The regulation on when appropriate to fire the gun is an important one in the ordinance which directly relates to national security, social safety, and will have serious repercussions for crime prevention in dealing with drug traffickers.

Individuals can fire a gun when faced with criminals only after warning them, and are forbidden from shooting if untimely gun fire could threaten others' lives.

Guns cannot be fired at women, disabled people, or children, except in cases when members of those groups are themselves using firearms to resist the police or threaten others' lives.

The ordinance will take effect from January 1, 2012.

Source: Vietnam News

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