More persons punished in the land acquisition case

The People’s Committee of Hai Phong City is planning to complete the Prime Minister’s directives on the Tien Lang land acquisition case by March 30.

Yesterday morning ( Feb 12 ) , Hai Phong City officials held a meeting to discuss Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s directives on the case in which 49-year-old farmer Doan Van Vuon used arms to resist Tien Lang District authorities when they wrongfully tried to reclaim more than 40 hectares of land allocated to him in 1993.

Relevant agencies have been ordered to complete their investigation of the demolition of Vuon’s house to prosecute those who may be involved (Photo: SGGP)

Tien Lang District authorities have violated the Law in reclaiming 40 hectares of land allocated to a local farmer, Doan Van Vuon, and must revoke all their decisions and allow Vuon to continue to use the land, the Prime Minister had concluded.

At the meeting, Nguyen Van Thanh, Secretary of the municipal Party Committee requested the authorities to withdraw all their earlier wrongful decisions relating to the case.

The Party Secretary assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Hai Phong Procuracy and the Hai Phong People’s Court to coordinate with relevant agencies in revoking the decision against Vuon.

Duong Anh Dien, chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, set up a team led by his deputy Dan Duc Hiep to execute the PM’s directives after another deputy Do Trung Thoai was rejected by local people.

Do Trung Thoai, vice chairman of the Hai Phong People’s Committee had earlier told the press that Vuon’s house was destroyed by "his neighbours" and demanded the media "stop misinforming about the controversial land case".

Thanh also asked relevant units and officials of Tien Lang to review their own actions in this case and hold themselves responsible for violating the law of the land.

Le Thanh Lien and Pham Dang Hoan, two more officials in Vinh Quang Commune involved in the case have been suspended.

The military Command of Haiphong also reprimanded the military unit of Tien Lang district as they had not asked for permission from superiority before sending  soldiers to join the team which had used force to regain Vuon’s land.

Dien ordered Tien Lang District authorities to revoke all their decisions related to the acquisition of Vuon’s land and enable him to continue to use the land according to the law.

He also urged relevant agencies to complete their investigation of the destruction of Vuon’s house so as to prosecute those who may be involved.

Meanwhile, Vuon and his relatives will still be charged with “attempted murder and acting against law enforcement officers on duty.” However, the court will take into account the background of Vuon’s actions as Vuon was agitated by the wrongful decision of authorities.

Thus, the Hai Phong Party Committee said that in prosecuting Vuon and his family members, authorities would consider mitigating factors because their armed protest stemmed from district authorities’ illegal action.

The Hai Phong authorities have meanwhile ordered the Tien Lang People’s Committee to carry out necessary procedures for Vuon to continue to use the land.

Source SGGP - Translated by Dan

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