Lao students smugggle 15 cannabis blocks and 200 Methamphetamine into Vietnam

On June 26, the Border Guards of central Ha Tinh province released information that this unit has cooperated with the Drug Enforcement Police (PC47) under Ha Tinh Police Department, Ha Tinh provincial Customs Department to detect and arrest two Lao students who illegally transported large quantities of narcotics into Vietnam.

Two Laotian students are arrested when they transport drugs into Vietnam

Two Laotian students are arrested when they transport drugs into Vietnam

According to preliminary information, about 9 pm of June 25, in the area of Ha Tinh bus station, in Thach Dai commune, Thach Ha district, Ha Tinh province, the functional forces inspected the bus of Lao’s license UU 3838. Then they found 15 blocks of marijuana and 200 Methamphetamine pills hidden inside the pillow sheet covers and the bed slots of the beds B5, B11 and B15. This amount of drug weighs over 1 kg.

Two Lao citizens Can Phon Ma Vong Sy (23 years old, residing in Lac Xao town, Kam Kot district, Bolykham say province, Laos) and Phan Sai Lot Da La (25 years old, living in Thac Khetc district, Kham Muon province, Laos) confessed that they had spent 255,000 kip Laos to buy 15 blocks of marijuana and 300,000 kip to buy 200 Methamphetamine pills.

They intended to transport the amount of drug to Vietnam to sell to Ha Tinh University students.

Phan Sai Lot Da La and Can Phon Ma Vong Sy are currently students at Ha Tinh University.

The case has been handed over to PC47 by the Border Guards of Ha Tinh province for further investigation and handling in accordance with the law.

translated by tri dan

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