Korean man fined VND4 million for destroying devices on plane

The Northern Aviation authority has issued a fine of VND4 million (US$180) to a Korean man who damaged some devices in plane.

The incident took place in the flight KE679 from Seoul to Hanoi on September 8. A Korean businessman born in 1982 in the business class kicked hard on the front seats many times because flight attendants refused to give him more alcohol drink. Consequently, net bags in the back of seats no. 9D, 9E and 9F came off.

Aircrew has written a report with the witness of many passengers in the plane.

As per the aviation regulation, all administrative violation during the flight will be transferred to the authority of landing airport. Accordingly, when the flight landed in the Noi Bai Airport, the aircrew transferred the case to the Northern Aviation authority

Based on the regulation No. 147/2013, the authority issued an administrative fine of VND4 million to the Korean passenger.

The man paid the find at the airport and continued to complete formality to enter the country.

By staff writer – translated by Anh Quan

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