Illegal businesses using multi-level selling to be charged with crime

The Prime Minister has issued a decree ordering ministries and related agencies to increase their control on multi-level selling and put criminal proceeding on enterprises employing the pyramid selling for illegal business.

The PM also asked the Ministry of Public Security to increase management, investigate and handle cases of illegal multi-level selling.  Those individuals and enterprises that take advantage of the form of selling to carry out illegal acts such as  appropriating others’ properties, evading taxation, commercial frauds, smuggling will be charged with a crime.

Police should issue harsh penalties on such illegal acts to deter people from committing  crime, keeping the social order.

To create favorable condition for those conducting multi-level selling as per the country’s law, the PM ordered the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Justice and related agencies to review regulations and amend these improper regulations.

Additionally, the Ministry of Industry and Trade should liaise with relevant agencies to have timely discovery of illegal enterprises and issue strict punishment on them.

By Phan THao – translated by Uyen Phuong

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