Hospital, Police join hands in search for kidnapped baby

Police have rescued a baby from a kidnapping ring, which seems to have the same similarities of the newborn baby boy who disappeared from the National Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology last Thursday.

Nguyen Viet Tien, vice Minister of Health and  Director of the Hanoi National Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology said on Nov 7 that the baby's father, Pham Xuan Chieu, had been asked by the police to identify his son.

However, Chieu said that though the baby was a newborn, he was too thin and there were rashes on his body which he did not   recognize.

Police had Chieu take a DNA paternity test yesterday to help establish the identity of the baby.

Police said that they expected the results of the blood test to be known sometime today.

Hundreds of relatives and friends of the family gathered at the hospital yesterday to demand the hospital accept blame for the incident.

Meanwhile, increased security has been enforced at the National Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology after this incident where a two-day-old baby boy disappeared last week.
Last Thursday, a woman wearing a doctor's white coat took the baby from his mother's bed "for a blood test".

That was the last time the child was seen. Despite frantic search attempts, the baby has not been returned and police suspect it has been kidnapped.

The baby boy was the second child of 34-year-old Tran Thi Thom from the northern province of Hung Yen.

The Medical Inspector in the Ministry of Health and doctors from the hospital said the case was serious as it was the first time a baby had vanished from the hospital. He said a document on safe hospital discharge for babies would be sent to all hospitals.
The Ministry of Health's Medical Services said kidnapping new-born babies was a new crime.

The hospital was crowded all day and each medical worker had a lot of work to do and this prevented them from paying attention to every baby going in and out of the building.

However, Tran Duc Toan, who represents the victim’s family continued to blame the hospital for the kidnapping. He argued that if the regulations at the hospital were strictly adhered to, the incident would not have occurred.

He demanded that the list of doctors and nurses on duty be updated every day on a board outside each room for the patients to follow and  mothers to have right to refuse to hand their babies to medical staff wearing masks.

He also questioned why the guards at the hospital had not been told to check all papers carefully when a baby is taken out of the hospital. Thom raised alarm of her lost son, 30 minutes after the baby was taken away.

Formerly, babies were taken out of the hospital without anyone having to produce any papers.

In another meeting between the hospital's board of managers and Thom's family, Director of the hospital Nguyen Viet Tien promised to join hands with police in the search for the baby.

People will in future have to produce the birth notice and certificate of discharge from hospital at the hospital gate.

Dr. Tien added that the hospital's three entrances were very crowded during the day and previously, guards could not keep an eye on everybody.

However, the Director also recognized the mistakes of the hospital and promised to punish the concerned doctors and medical staff after the police reports. He also promised that Hospital discipline would be made much stricter.

He advised mothers and relatives to be vigilant when strange people are around.

He said that after the kidnapping incident, all guards were asked to be more vigilant, especially when a baby is being discharged. He said two to three extra guards were now being posted at the gates.

While police investigations are continuing, to date there are not many leads to the kidnapping.

Source SGGP - Translated by Dan

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