Google, YouTube’s violations of Vietnam’s laws announced

The Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (ABEI) on June 7 announced violations of Vietnam’s laws by Google and YouTube. 

Illustrative image (Source: TechSpot)

Illustrative image (Source: TechSpot)

Accordingly, Google was found to loosely manage contents, not control ads on YouTube clips and Google Adsense network, allow users to buy ads directly from YouTube and Google without the involvement of domestic ads agents. 

At present, Google is not applying measures to prevent the republication of violating and deleted clips as required by competent agencies. It still suggests clips with inappropriate and harmful contents which account for 0.1 percent of the total, but spread widely. 

Violations were also committed by Google’s ads agents in Vietnam, YouTube ads buyers and content creators, and Google’s multi-channel network. 

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), there are about 55,000 harmful and law-violating clips on YouTube, nearly 8,000 of them have been deleted as requested by the ABEI. 

In the near future, the ABEI will ask YouTube to identify Vietnamese channels, and only certified ones will be considered for ads revenue sharing. 

The MIC will work with the State Bank of Vietnam and agencies concerned to closely manage ads revenue flows on YouTube and Google. 

The ABEI will request YouTube to remove suggest feature for violating channels, ban users to republish deleted clips, and partner with MIC to remove inappropriate clips and channels.

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