Former communal officials to be prosecuted over land dispute

The People’s Court of My Duc district, Hanoi yesterday said that it was expected to open a first instance court on August 8 to trial 14 former officials of the district and Dong Tam commune for violations in land use and management.
They have been accused of abusing positions and power while being on duty and irresponsibility causing serious consequences.
Previously, the district People’s Procuracy issued the indictment of the case and transferred it to the district People’s Court to prepare for taking the accused to court.
According to the case’s record, the former leaders and officials of Dong Tam commune slackened management in land field during their office terms from 2002-2013. Because of self-interested motivations, they had wrongly and improperly allocated land to some households.
Officials of My Duc district’s Land Registration Department and Natural Resources and Environment Department have been charged with not fulfilling duties and irresponsibility in assessing and verifying land origin, leading them to sign groundless confirmation papers.

By MINH KHANG – Translated by Hai Mien

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