False pregnant women disclose illegal ring

The case of a woman in the northern province of Bac Giang who reportedly been pregnant up to 21 months has revealed a ring to swindle gullible people.

Nguyen Thi Chien, 25, in Hiep Hoa district, in  the northern province of Bac Giang has reportedly had over-due pregnancies. Her husband Duong Van Tuan is very furious, expecting police to investigate the group of people who have deceived his wife to take money.

The false pregnant woman is thirsty for a baby after she has experienced miscarry one time. Her efforts to seek a baby with every possible mean have been unrewarded. However, she once overheard about a doctor who can treat infertile women, she immediately contacted the doctor.

The doctor and his assistants were willingly to help her but asked her not to disclose treatment to anyone else including her relatives. They gave her unclear medications that make her belly bigger. But she did not experience labor pain although she has been pregnant for 21 months. While her relatives are anxious, these people involved in taught her to tell lies to relatives.

Since Ms. Chien suspected the false pregnancy, the ring started to send messages to guide her how to take care herself even they took her to Hanoi for check-ups at medical clinics where did not exam her but gave her treatment sheet as proof to present to her relatives.

At last, they did not contact her but left messages threatening her not to reveal false pregnancy or else her relatives will face revenge.

Hoang Van Binh, head of the Hoang An commune’s medical clinic, said some women there has been reportedly pregnant for over 15 months.

By Phuc Hau - Translated by Nhat Lam

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