Death row inmates should receive lethal injection: HCMC delegates

Ho Chi Minh City’s National Assembly deputies have suggested that at the time of execution, death row inmates should be given a lethal injection.
Execution by firing squad is the current method of capital punishment in Vietnam.
At an April 8 seminar to discuss a draft law on the country’s death penalty the deputies said lethal injections should be given to all death row prisoners, regardless of their crimes to ensure equality. Such a policy would be more in line with other countries’ guidelines.
They also said that following their execution, prisoners’ families should be allowed to take the bodies home for burial, so as long as it does not cause public disorder.
In regards to organ donation following an inmate’s death by lethal injection, the deputies said it would be unfeasible as the injected chemicals would destroy body tissue. Thus, there is no need to legally address the issue of such donations.

By L.T.Han – Translated by Hoang Yen

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