Court delayed as prosecutor accused of bribe suggestion

Hanoi People’s Court on September 27 decided to adjourn a trial because a prosecutor was denounced of bribe suggestion by the defendant’s husband before the hearing started.

On the day the trial was opened, the defendant’s husband asked the jury to change the prosecutor before the trial started.

He said the prosecutor invited him go out for lunch at a big hotel in Hanoi and suggested the bribe, which would help her wife get remission.

The prosecutor kept silence in the trial and did not explain about this.

Defendant Doan Vu Thanh Nghia, 41, who resides at Hue street, Hai Ba Trung District, stood the trial for the fraud and property appropriation.

According to the capital’s Investigation Police Department, Nghia told stock investors that she was able to buy preference shares from companies, that were equitizing during 2008-2009.

She also said that investors would be able to earn from 5% to 10% benefits from these shares.

A large number of investors believed what she said.

Nghia appropriated a total of VND40 billion (US$2 million).

By A.Minh-Translated by Le Thu

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