Ca Mau refuses to give more chances to Chinese illegal workers

Labor authorities from Vietnam’s southernmost province Ca Mau have rejected a Chinese contractor’s request to complete documents to legalize its Chinese workers in the province.

At a meeting this week with Ca Mau Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and managers from the province Gas-Power-Fertilizer Complex, the Chinese contractor Wuhuan Engineering Corporation asked for two months to finish labor documents for a lot of Chinese workers at a plant of the complex.

But the department rejected, saying that it had previously created many opportunities for the contractor to take care of the workers’ permission.

It also said that in principle, the Chinese contractor had to finish all the work permit documents before it brought the workers to Vietnam.

According to managers at the complex, there are 725 Chinese people working at the plant but 600 of them are illegal and 90 are manual workers who will have to be replaced by local workers.

The Chinese contractor has promised to return the 90 manual workers to China before the end of August.

By N.Thien – Translated by Cao Minh

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