Attacker on VOV Online Newspaper prosecuted


The Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention, Ministry of Public Security (A05) announced that the Investigation Agency has prosecuted one cybercriminal in the attacker team on VOV Online Newspaper.

Attacker on VOV Online Newspaper prosecuted ảnh 1 Major General Le Minh Manh in the press conference related to attack on VOV Online Newspaper

Major General Le Minh Manh, Deputy Director of A05, stated that his department has already pinpointed the attackers on VOV Online Newspaper and prosecuted one defendant. Detailed information about this attacker is not yet revealed as the case is still ‘under investigation’.

A05 affirmed that members of this group are all from Vietnam, with no foreign interference.

In related news, the Criminal Police Division, HCMC Department of Public Security (PC02) is handling the denunciation of Nguyen Phuong Hang (born in 1971, living in District 3) about her being slandered and humiliated on many social network platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Accordingly, Hang reported that Facebook accounts named Dam Ngoc Tuyen, Huynh Ngoc Thien Huong, Xom nhieu chuyen, Giac Tinh Nhan, Maria Tran, Dinh Thu Hien and YouTube accounts named Kim Mao TV Hoang Ngoc, Hot News, Happy Media, Bien Nien tieu su have lately posted and uploaded clips with fake information to slander and humiliate her as well as her family, her company.

This has negatively affected Hang’s life and work, so she filed a denunciation to the Ministry of Public Security and the HCMC Department of Public Security so that functional agencies can stop and handle these illegal actions.

By Chi Thach, Do Trung – Translated by Vien Hong

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