37 gamblers, including foreigners, nabbed for gambling via pokeR

Police officers yesterday announced to apprehend 19 suspects who were caught red-handed Korean-led illegal poker gambling inside a house in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City.

These men run the illegal gambling club (Photo: SGGP)

These men run the illegal gambling club (Photo: SGGP)

Before, on June 30, criminal police officers of Ho Chi Minh City and their peers in District 2 raided a house disguised as a club named “Imperial Poker Club”. At the time, police officers nabbed 37 foreigners including South Korean, American, Canadian and Indian who were found gambling via Poker.
When discovering police officers to enter the house, gamblers tried to flee but their efforts failed. About VND440 million (US$ 18,920) in cash, along with US and Australian dollars and relevant exhibits including cars, motorbikes were confiscated.
Worse, eight of them were positive for drug.
The “Imperial poker club” was led by Lee Seong Jin and managed by Hyung Yong-woo and Kim Jea-jin, both Korean citizens.
Moreover, Lee hired some other people, including Filipinos and Vietnamese to work as supervisors and clerks.
In order to play, gamblers were required to transfer real money into poker chips or used cash to gamble.
Further investigation is ongoing.

By CHI THACH - Translated by DANG MINH

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