Thailand develops water routes to tackle congestion in Bangkok

Thailand’s Transport Ministry plans to develop and integrate 12 canals into Bangkok's main transport system, as part of a long-term plan to solve the city's worsening traffic congestion.

A boat in Klong Mahasawat in Nakhon Pathom province (Photo:

A boat in Klong Mahasawat in Nakhon Pathom province (Photo:

The Bangkok Post newspaper quoted ministry’s permanent secretary Chaiwat Thongkamkoon as saying that Bangkok citizens should not just rely on one or two modes of transport. Instead, they should have a wheel-rail-boat plan of travel to avoid being trapped in traffic.

Travelling along a network of canals linked with the electric railway and bus stations will complete the city's plan to deal with excessive road congestion, he said. 

Of the 12 canals, the one with the most travel potential is Klong Mahasawat, Chaiwait said. The 26-kilometre waterway links inner and outer Bangkok before merging with the Thachin River in Nakhon Pathom.

There are currently eight small piers along the canal, but they need to be improved to serve a larger number of people. In the future, passengers on this canal will be able to take electric trains, Chaiwat said.

Boat services are operated on some of the 11 other canals but they need more of the boats to increase the carrying capacity of the canals.

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