Singapore hosts navy exercise

Singapore kicked off the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) exercise “Deep Sabre 2016” on September 27 at the Changi Command and Control Center, according to VNS's source reported in Singapore.

Korean Army at the exercise (Photo: Singaporean Ministry of National Defense)

This year’s navy exercise, held from September 27 - 30, involves more than 800 military personnel from 21 countries such as Australia, Canada, France, US, Germany, Japan and Russia.

Participating countries will exercise various maritime security activities, including a simulated interdiction of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) delivery and proliferation.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Maliki Osan, Secretary of State of Singaporean Ministry of National Defense, highlighted the importance of governmental agencies’ cooperation in fighting WMD proliferation.

The demonstration is a strong message to terrorists inclined to use WMDs, he added.

Deep Sabre is part of the PSI created by the US in 2003 to stop the proliferation of WMDs. To date, 105 countries around the world have endorsed the PSI. Singapore was the PSI host in 2005 and 2009.

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