Olympics: No Delays on 'Live' Olympic TVs - Officials

TV broadcasts from August's Beijing Olympics will go out live to the world with no transmission delays, senior Olympic officials said here Wednesday.

Chinese President Hu Jintao (R) hands the Olympic torch to 110m hurdles Olympic and world champion Liu Xiang in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on March 31. (AFP Photo)

"As far as the Olympics are concerned, the broadcasts will go out as and when the action happens," said veteran International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Kevan Gosper.

   China's state broadcaster CCTV delayed transmission the ceremony on Monday on central Tiananmen Square to welcome the Olympic torch when footage was broadcast about one minute late.

  Gosper, vice-chairman of the IOC's Coordination Commission, working with Beijing on hosting the Games, told AFP there would be complete Internet freedom for more than 20,000 accredited journalists covering the Games.

   "TV signals will be live and the Internet will be open and free for all accredited media," he said.

Sun Weijia, director of media operations for the Beijing Olympic organising committee, said CCTV had no role in international transmission from the Olympics.

   The job will be handled by the host broadcaster, Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, a joint venture between the organising committee and the IOC.>  

    "There will be no delay from Beijing. The transmission signal goes out to international broadcasters as events unfold," Sun said.

   Gosper was speaking on the sidelines of a three-day meeting between the commission and Beijing Olympics organisers taking place just 127 days ahead of the Games opening ceremony.

   "I have to be certain that journalists and all members of the press can report on the Games as freely and openly as they have done on previous Games," he added.

Source: AFP

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