Iran may give 'part' of low-enriched uranium as per deal: FM

TEHRAN, Oct 26, 2009 (AFP) - Iran said on Monday it may deliver abroad "part" of its existing stock of low-enriched uranium to be further processed, in accordance with a deal being brokered by the UN atomic watchdog.

"For the supply of (nuclear) fuel, we may buy it like in the past or we may deliver a part of our (low-enriched uranium) fuel that we don't need now," Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told the official IRNA news agency.

The UN atomic watchdog is brokering a deal whereby Iran would ship 1,200 kilos of its LEU to be enriched to a higher purity level and returned as nuclear fuel for a Tehran research reactor.

But the deal is facing increasing criticism in Iran with top officials suggesting Tehran would be better off buying the fuel directly rather than handing over its LEU stock.

Mottaki said "both options are on the table" for procuring the fuel needed for the Tehran reactor.

"Making a decision to choose which option is on the agenda of the Islamic republic and in the next few days the decision will be announced," Mottaki said.

Source: AFP

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