Increase in cases of encephalitis due to measles, flu complications

The National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi yesterday said that since the beginning of the year, there has been an increase in cases of encephalitis because of H1N1 and measles virus.

Increase in cases of encephalitis due to measles, flu complications

Deputy Chief of Infectious Disease Ward in the infirmary Dr. Do Thien Hai said the ward admits over 10 flu patients a day; worryingly, three-four of them have had encephalitis after having flu.

Dr. Hai said this year, more people suffer from encephalitis complications after catching flu compare to previous years.

Medical workers said flu virus is spreading widely with symptoms of similar to fever caused by virus generally. Parents can take Paracetamol for flu kids to release fever with the aim to curb convulsion fits.

Most children with fever can be treated at home but parent must keep an eye on them; when they experience high fever without stopping and breathing problem, parents should take them to medical clinic soon to prevent complication of encephalitis which may cause death.

Regarding to measles in Hanoi, the Department of Health said that additional 78 cases of measles have been reported last week bringing total cases to 192 from the beginning of the year whereas just 22 cases had been reported in two early months of 2018.

Head of Bach Mai Hospital’s Infectious Disease Ward Professor Do Duy Cuong said that encephalitis is a rare but severe complication of measles when patients suffer loss of consciousness; hence they must be put on ventilators in Intensive care unit.

The Ministry of Health once again warned people to take their children to medical clinics for immunization against measles and keep personal hygiene when taking care of children.