YCU appeals youngsters to take part in shaping traffic safety culture

The Youth Communist Union (YCU) in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday launched a campaign to call for participation of young people in ensuring traffic safety and shaping traffic safety culture.

Young participants will disseminate traffic safety information and regulations as well as encourage residents to obey the rules shaping traffic safety culture.
Additionally, police force, volunteers jointly keep traffic security and give assistance to residents who encounter traffic incidents at nights in the national highways and roads.
Young people will also take part in controlling traffic in 59 intersections, 49 roads and in front of schools and hospital where traffic congestion usually take place in rush hours.
Right after the launching ceremony, young people traveled to intersections and roads to monitor traffic.
The campaign will last from not to October 23 in response to “ For safe traffic” movement from now to end of 2020 to welcome 11th municipal Party Congress and the 13th National Party Congress.

By Hong Hai – Translated by Dan Thuy

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