Women union helps female workers integrate into society

At a meeting to review one year implementation of the project “ Refresh female workers’ skills of social integration, the Ho Chi Minh City Women Union yesterday announced the project get positive results.

Women union helps female workers integrate into society

The project obtained good results through combined activities. Musical performances and games were able to connect female workers. Moreover, they became more confident through team work.

Additionally, the project provided them with knowledge of law and reproductive healthcare aiming to improve their awareness of life and change their bad habit.

Immigrants settle in a new city, they had to acquire a place in that new society. Binh Tan District is crowded with workers; accordingly, the district was chosen to be a place to carry out the project. The union organized 26 refresher courses  to upgrade skills for 3,000 workers in 17 rental houses.

The Union also published 50,000 handbooks about skills in integration process to distribute to workers in districts.


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