Vietnamese people closely collaborating to fight against Covid-19


Facing the increasingly complicated situation of the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, the Government sets a goal to have over 70 percent of citizens vaccinated in 2021. Responding to the call for financial help of the Government, people all around the nation, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, are joining hand to raise funds in order to fulfill that goal.

Vietnamese people closely collaborating to fight against Covid-19 ảnh 1 77-year-old Nguyen Thi Thao from District 5 is giving the money to the vaccine fund. (Photo: The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of District 5)

Having just sold two valuable bonsai trees worth VND60million (approx. US$2,600), Nguyen Ngoc Kha from Long Phuoc Ward of Thu Duc City in HCMC decided to give all that sum to the Covid-19 vaccine fund of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in his ward. His action is to answer the call of the Government of raising funds for vaccine purchasing so that all Vietnamese citizens can be protected against Covid-19.

Besides that, Kha is planning to sell one of his lands to buy an ambulance to transport poor patients to and fro hospitals.

Commenting on his case, Pham Nam Thang from the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Long Phuoc Ward said that Kha’s action is truly meaningful, considering that his family is not at all very rich. It shows the high awareness of the Vietnamese, ready to collaborate to help the community.

Similarly, 77-year-old Nguyen Thi Thao from District 5 has recently come to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of District 5 to contribute VND81.25 million ($3,500) to the vaccine fund. This amount is a part of the condolence money at her husband’s funeral on June 1.

She shared that her husband’s will is not to accept condolence money. Yet in that case, people would come with a lot of funeral flowers, which is a waste of money. Therefore, she decided to receive condolence money and then give it to the vaccine fund as the last charity action of her late husband. This is even more highly valued since her family does need finance to care for her sick child.

On June 15, 8-year-old Bui Dinh Phuc, a third graders living in Thu Duc City, came with his family to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thu Duc City to hand in his $100 bill, his reward for the excellent academic results the previous school year. Phuc shared that he contributed to the vaccine fund so that Vietnam can win against Covid-19 and he and his classmates can resume their school life.

The vaccine fund also welcomes and appreciates the help of many veterans and mothers of martyrs, ranging from VND200,000 ($7) to VND100 million ($4,300).

Even Vietnamese-origin people living overseas contribute wholeheartedly to this fund, like the case of Justin Bui – Bui Trung Hau from Australia, who sent VND20 million ($865), or Ngo Pham Tran – Chairwoman of Taiwan-Vietnam Association for Economic, Cultural and Educational Development, who also delivered $865 in hope of helping the Vietnamese to fight against Covid-19 more successfully.

Members of the Vietnam Business Migrant Australia Club in Melbourne (Australia) contributed $18,820 in total to the vaccine fund via the Committee of Overseas Vietnamese.

The Standing Committee of the HCMC Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee reported that until June 17, 105 businesses and many individuals in the city raised over VND2,293 billion ($99.2 million) for the vaccine fund.

At the moment, the vaccine fund still welcomes the financial aid of people and organizations, both domestic and international, so that all citizens, be they rich or poor, can get vaccinated.

By staff writers – Translated by Vien Hong

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