Trucks banned from traveling in Tan Son Nhat area

The HCMC Department of Transport said starting November 12 at 6am, all trucks will be banned from traveling at Hong Ha street and the nearby intersections around the airport including Tan Son Nhat-Binh Loi- Ringbelt road (from Truong Son street to Nguyen Kiem street) in an effort to reduce traffic congestion on Truong Son street.

Accordingly, strucks will be able to follow the new route as follows, Truong Son-Huynh Lan Khanh-Pho Quang-Dao Duy Anh-Ho Van Hue-Nguyen Kiem (1st route) and the second route will be from Phan Dinh Giot-Pho Quang- Dao Duy Anh- Ho Van Hue –Nguyen Kiem.

Q.Hung-Translated by M.Quyen

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