Traditional boat race held on re-greening canal in HCMC

A traditional boat race was organized yesterday (Jan 24)  on re-greening canal to mark 86th establishment anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (on February 3).

This year, the race attracted the participation of 381 rowers from 10 clubs. The race includes 5 caterogies: 10 male rowers; 10 female rowers, 10 male and female rowers, 20 female and male rowers and 20 male rowers.

The boat race covers 2 km stretch of Nhieu Loc- Thi Nghe Canal, starting from Dien Bien Phu Bridge to Thi Nghe Bridge. The annual race aims to call for people’s joining hand in keeping the canal clean and to increase people’s awareness of surrounding environment.

The winning team of male caterogy is the team of the city High Command, the Binh Thanh District captured the first prize of female competition, and district 8 grasped the first prize of 20 male-female competition. Binh Thanh District won the team prize with 2 golden medals and 3 silver medals.
The Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe had been polluted for many years before it was re-dredged in 2003.

By Dung Phuong, Tran Yen – Translated by Anh Quan

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