To-be Thu Duc City to face overstaffing


Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) People’s Committee has just submitted a report to the Government about the rearrangement of its administrative units in the period from 2019-2021, and the establishment of Thu Duc City – its satellite city. When formed, this new city will employ 822 state officers out of the current 1,221 ones, which means a surplus of 399 people.

The infrastructure of the Eastern area of HCMC – the to-be Thu Duc City. (Photo: SGGP)

The infrastructure of the Eastern area of HCMC – the to-be Thu Duc City. (Photo: SGGP)

At the moment, HCMC has 322 wards in 24 districts. After the rearrangement, it will have only 312 wards in 22 district-level units (consisting of 1 city, 16 central districts, and 5 suburban districts).

In the ward level, there will be a reduction of wards in Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and Phu Nhuan.

Particularly, in District 2, An Khanh Ward (with a surface area of 1.74km2 and 124 residents) will be merged into Thu Thiem Ward (with 1.5km2 and 304 residents); Binh Khanh Ward (with 2km2 and 4,300 residents) will be merged with Binh An Ward (with 1.9km2 and 18,800 residents) into the new An Khanh Ward.

In District 3, Ward 6 (with0.88km2 and 7,263 residents) will be merged with Ward 7 (with 0.9km2 and 12,600 residents) and Ward 8 (with 0.4km2 and 16,900 residents) into the new Vo Thi Sau Ward.

In District 4, Ward 5 (with 0.16km2 and 5,100 residents) will be merged into Ward 2 (with 0.19km2 and 11,900 residents); Ward 12 (with 0.4km2 and 7,300 residents) will be merged into Ward 13 (with 0.42km2 and 11,200 residents).

In District 5, Ward 15 (with 0.19km2 and 10.900 residents) will be merged into Ward 12 (with 0.38km2 and 6,400 residents).

In District 10, Ward 3 (with 0.1km2 and 6,000 residents) will be merged into Ward 2 (with 0.2km2 and 18,00 residents).

In Phu Nhuan District, Ward 12 (with 0.16km2 and 6,800 residents) will be merged into Ward 11 (with 0.22km2 and 8,600 residents); Ward 14 (with 0.15km2 and 7,200 residents) will be merged into Ward 13 (with 0.14km2 and 9.400 residents).

In the district level, Districts 2, 9, and Thu Duc will be merged into the new administrative unit – Thu Duc City. In 1997, Thu Duc District was divided into the three districts of 2, 9, and Thu Duc.

After 20 years, these 3 districts have carried out many critical infrastructure upgrades, including the new construction of Saigon Hi-tech Park (attracted an investment of over US$7 billion and an export value of $77 billion), the University Village in the Eastern area (having more than 100,000 students and 2,000 doctorate lecturers), Ring Road No.3, Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien Metro Station, Thu Thiem new urban area, Cat Lai Port (the largest sea port in Vietnam).

Last year, the three districts accounted for one-third of HCMC’s Gross Regional Domestic Products (GRDP), which means around 7 percent of the national GDP (higher than the ones of Binh Duong Province and Dong Nai Province).

Therefore, the establishment of Thu Duc City is expected to be a positive boost for the economic growth of HCMC in particular, and the Southern key economic region in general.

Thu Duc City aims to become an innovative and highly interactive urban area of HCMC, operating based on the knowledge economy and digital economy, along with the focus on a friendly neighborhood and sustainable families.

HCMC People’s Committee will observe the national law to employ 822 state officers for the to-be Thu Duc City out of the current 1,221 people in the current 3 districts.

The unnecessary staff will be transferred into different organizations in Thu Duc City itself or in other districts of HCMC; the policy of state officer reduction and retirement will also be applied on these people, along with the implementation of Decree No.26/2015 issued by the Government on regimes and policies applicable to officials ineligible for re-election and re-appointment to termed posts or titles.

In addition, the surplus number of state officers now responsible for general tasks in wards will receive support from HCMC People’s Committee and Council.

By Manh Hoa – Translated by Thanh Tam

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