Smart city must bring happiness to dwellers: Party Chief

Speaking at a forum yesterday, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan emphasized that happiness of city dwellers is key determinant of building a smart city; hence, smart city must ensure happiness of those living in it.

At the forum ( photo: Sggp)

At the forum ( photo: Sggp)

He made the statement at a forum about building a smart city with orientation to change innovative districts in the Eastern part of the city organized by the Department of Planning and Architecture and the House Magazine.
Mentioning happiness of those living in smart city - the goal of building smart city, he noted that focusing on people is also for the country’s growth, said Mr. Nhan.
Accordingly, in the next time, HCMC will organize activities to implement the project to transform it into a smart city and change the Eastern part of the city into innovative district.
It is scheduled that the city authorities will select the best select creative and innovative ideas to build a “smart and sustainable” city after the international innovation contest on building innovative district in the Eastern part of the city wraps up next month.
Mr. Nhan emphasized that for the city’s growth in the period 2021-2030, HCMC leaders have paid visits to countries which are strategic partners of Vietnam for the strategic relationship between HCMC and these countries.
Moreover, these countries will help HCMC to have solution for the city’s problems.
Presently, South Korea experts are helping HCMC to realize smart city building project and innovative district in the city’s eastern part.
At the forum, South Korea expert shared about experience in building smart city. Former Professor of Korea National University cum Deputy mayor of Seoul Yang Yoon said that Seoul authorities also did mistakes during the building smart city. For instance, Seoul leaders filled Cheonggyecheon Stream to build expressway - a proud symbol of urban progress for the 1970s.
However, Seoul government soon realized it was a mistake; therefore, they restored the stream for the city’s sustainable growth. Cheonggyecheon Stream is a leading tourist destination in Seoul today. Professor Yang Yoon Jae shared that HCMC leaders should learn Seoul’s lesson in building smart city and innovative district.
Lavi E&C Director Lee Gyong Taek, proposed building an IT-based innovative district in District 9. Upon the proposal, Deputy Chairman of the HCMC people’s Committee Vo Van Hoan asked the Department of Planning and Investment to instruct the investor upon the project and report to the government to solve barriers.

By KIEU PHONG - Translated by ANH QUAN

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