Residents in controversial vegetable garden receive financial assistance

The People’s Committee of Ward 6, Tan Binh district, HCMC said that two days ago they provided the financial aid worth of VND17 billions (US$ 740,000) to 18 households who had farmed in the ground area that is called vegetable garden and now is being planned for a school complex.

Households farming in the vegetable garden enumerating, receiving financial assistance at Ward 6 People’s Committee headquarters, Tan Binh district, HCMC

Households farming in the vegetable garden enumerating, receiving financial assistance at Ward 6 People’s Committee headquarters, Tan Binh district, HCMC

Presents for Tet Holiday have also been provided to the above households, comprising VND5 million in cash and presents worth VND1 million each.
So far, Tan Binh district People’s Committee has contacted 73 households out of the total of 124 households farming in the vegetable garden. Of them, 65 have agreed to receive the financial assistance to move for building the school.
Chairman of the District People’s Committee Chau Van La informed that the district is now focusing on mobilizing the remaining households to receive the assistance and establish 12 teams to receive residents’ information and application for the assistance to speed up the progress.
The project’s assistance council will consider documents of those who had illegally bought land plots in the area but can prove no disputes on the land.
“We neither hold an inquiry into to the trade of land with unnotarized papers nor take back expense on illegal work dismantlement and environmental sanitation as per rumors,” affirmed Mr. Chau Van La.
In another development, some residents cultivating in the vegetable garden gathered in the area where illegal works had been dismantled and cleaned up to convince other households to believe the garden was being divided into smaller lots for sale.
Right after that, the ward People’s Committee explained in loudspeakers that the area has been planned for construction of a group of public schools of national standards.
Relevant sides were setting up landmarks to restore and determine the boundary of 134 land parcels where households had cultivated vegetable before so that they can enumerate and receive the financial support. Briefly after the committee’s explanation, the situation became stable.
On January 17, some households sent complaints to the Citizen Reception Office of the city People’s Committee. Leaders of Tan Binh district People’s Committee said that the district will work with agencies and the office to consult the city People’s Committee on meeting with these households and answering their complaints in line with regulations.
According the district People’s Committee, the complaints have signatures of 166 people. Still authorized agencies have determined that there are only 114 signatures. Of these, 38 households are relevant to 61 land parcels in the vegetable garden. A person signed the complaints up to eight times and two people without relevant rights and benefits also signed the complaints. Moreover, ten had died but their names were stilled listed and their signatures were found in the complaints.
Commander Nguyen Thanh Loi, head of Tan Binh Police Department, said that the district Police has called on those who are victims of illegal construction protection to denounce cheaters for authorized agencies to fortify documents and handle as per regulations.
Mr. Loi also affirmed that the district Police Department has been collecting evidences to fortify documents to launch criminal proceedings against one man whose indentify was not disclosed for acts against people on duty. Previously, the district Police had invited him several times to the police headquarters to talk but he did not come. When police officers arrived to his house, they found the man had left from his residence.
He is one of five people regularly inciting residents to oppose authorized agencies when they inspected illegal construction and measured to determine the status of the vegetable garden. The agencies have issued several penalty decisions to him but he has not abided by the decisions.

By staff writers – Translated by Ngoc Thanh

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