People’s Committee asks to reorder construction management in Thu Duc city

Under the direction of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to re-order construction management in newly established Thu Duc city, a team was set up to enhance supervision of construction situation in the area.
The municipal People’s Committee office yesterday announced Deputy Chairman Le Hoa Binh has directed people’s committees in districts to increase construction order management and have effect solution in addressing the increasing number of violations.
Chairmen and chairwomen of people’s committees in districts 2, 9, and Thu Duc continued directing the management of construction order. More inspectors must pay visit to residential quarters to tighten control over construction order and regulations.
From now to the official operation of administration machinery in Thu Duc city, inspectors must prevent illegal construction in the district.
Violations ranging from illegal construction on agricultural land to housing being built without permits occur. Violations in construction occur nearly everywhere in the city, especially in outlying areas such as Binh Chanh, Cu Chi and Hoc Mon districts, and in districts 9 and Thu Duc.

By Quoc Hung - Translated by Anh Quan

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