Party member development in private businesses proves useful


The task of increasing members for the Communist Party in private companies in Ho Chi Minh City has seen positive signals despite the Covid-19 pandemic, since the organization does play its active role in effectively promoting manufacturing activities and taking care of social security in the corresponding unit.

Party member development in private businesses proves useful ảnh 1 Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen paid a visit to Nissei Electric Vietnam Co. Ltd – one of the enterprise with a strong Party organization. (Photo: SGGP)

In June 2021, the height of the fourth Covid-19 outbreak in HCMC, the Party Cell of Mekong Investment And Logistic JSC. reported to District 7 Party Committee the decision to allow the company’s white collar staff to work from home while its blue collar ones followed the 3 on-site method to maintain the work flow, employees’ income, and medical safety.

During that time, all 25 Party members in the company actively cared for laborers here via suitable working policies, raised funds to help buy Covid-19 vaccine and support children of these workers.

Similarly, from mid-June 2021 to the end of September, 23 members of Business Party Cell No.4 in District 7 established a collective kitchen to provide 300 meals per day for the frontline staff of the district. Le Van Bay, Secretary of this Party Cell cum Director of Thanh Hieu Construction Trading Co. Ltd, was able to call upon the participation of not only the Party members but also local laborers to help in food processing and meal cooking.

Business Party Cell No.4 also regularly distributed essential commodities to the local vulnerable, people in quarantined and medical lockdown areas.

Deputy Secretary of District 7 Business Party Committee Van Van Sang reported that his organization now has 32 Cells, consisting of 397 members. 46 of them are business owners. “Despite the harshness of this Covid-19 outbreak, these enterprises still strived to maintain the minimum income for their laborers and provide necessary support, commodities for infected people”, said Mr. Sang.

Thu Duc City informed that its Business Party Committee has 120 Cells in private enterprises with over 1,100 members. In 2021, this Party Committee has happily welcomed 20 new members.

Binh Tan District Business Party Committee also has 163 Cells sited in state and private companies, with over 1,100 members. Remarkably, the Party Cell in Pouyuen Vietnam Co. Ltd has witnessed a significant development from only 4 members in 2008 to 232 members now, transforming it into a Party Committee with 11 cells.

Obviously, along with the Labor Union and the Communist Youth Union, the Party organization in a company has been a successful link between the company and the local authorities, laborers to ensure a harmonious, stable relationship.

Adopting Resolution No.39 on reducing unnecessary state officials, the Party Committee of the Management Board of HCMC Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority (HEPZA) has decreased the scale from 22 sub-committees to 12, with over 1,800 members in 159 Party Cells of private businesses.

Together with that are 12 Party Cells in the establishment process for Party members working in companies with no Party organization yet. HEPZA Party Committee this year also welcomed 170 new members and create 10 more Cells.

Noticeably, many foreign enterprises have very positive opinions regarding Party units and their activities. The reason is that following the Party’s guidelines, these Party members have shown their hard-working attitude and eagerness to upgrade their professional skills to raise the company’s prestige.

In addition, Party members have actively helped address current work-related issues in the workplace to form a more harmonious relationship between employers and employees. They have also timely introduced new or updated State policies and legal documents of the country to both managers and workers in their organization. Hence, foreign company owners have wholeheartedly support the development of the Party unit in their business.

By Thu Huong – Translated by Vien Hong

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