Locally-made confectionery holds upper hand against foreign kinds in market

This year, confectionery market starts earlier than previous years with various kinds in beautiful designs, especially Vietnamese-made goods as Vietnamese-made products hold the upper hand against foreign kinds.

Consumers  are choosing confectioneries (Photo: SGGP)

Consumers are choosing confectioneries (Photo: SGGP)

The Department of Industry and Trade in Ho Chi Minh City forecast the purchasing power for confectionery and patisserie for this Tet holiday (the Lunar new Year) falling on February 16 will increase with consumption ratio of 18,000 tons, five percent up compared to last holiday.

This time, clothes and candies, jams are displayed in shops and supermarkets nationwide. Private enterprises will purchase confectionary to offer gift baskets to employees at this time, manufacturers has boosted production with an increase of 5-10 percent prior to Tet holiday.
Kinh Do Mondelez Company makes different kinds of confectionery from inexpensive to deluxe kinds combining with locally-made and foreign-made products to satisfy consumers’ demands.
The company introduces seven groups of products such as Cosy, Lu, Oreo, Rits, Solite, Afc, Slide and Kinh Do that prices fluctuate from VND40,000 to VND194,000 per product.
It also offers a wide array of high quality, reasonably-priced products with eye-catching packaging and wrapping. In its shops, there are gift baskets available for gifting others.
Meantime, Bibica Company plans to produce 2.500 tons of candies and pastries in the holiday, an increase of 15 percent compared to last time. Fifty-six kinds of confectionery will be introduced to the consumers on Tet and the company focuses on deluxe Goody pastry which edges out foreign brands in this special.

Moreover, the company takes heeds to eye-catching design for demand of gifts.
Hai Ha, Hai Chau, Bao Hien Rong Vang and Minh Ngoc introduce inexpensive confectionery to consumers this time. Wholesale markets namely Binh Tay and An Dong are flooded with small locally - made cakes and sweets.
At this time, foreign-invested supermarkets like Lotte Mart, Aeon Mall, and Mega Market all reserve separate shelves for foreign brands such as Orion, Danisa, LU, and Ritz. Indonesia, Singapore, Thai Lan, France, German and Malaysia made a very early entrance into supermarkets.
However, a representative of Big C supermarket said that most of confectioneries in the supermarket are Vietnamese –made sweets with proportion of 90 percent. Locally-made confectioneries and patisseries are winning over customers thanks to their eye-catching design and good quality. Vietnamese producers make it good look to promote their products.
As per Co.opmart chain system’s statistics, Vietnamese-made commodities account for 90 percent in the supermarkets. Particularly, locally-made candies and pastries make up 80 percent with suitable prices. To support domestic businesses, Co.opmart will add home-made confectioneries into gift baskets. 
In retail shops, shop assistants said that consumers prefer home-made products of Kinh Do, Bibica and foreign-made brand name Lu and Danisa.
Dried fruits of Vinamit and Nha Be are favorite products in the market.
According to some companies’ confectionery market survey in Vietnam, in 2018, revenue of the sector will reach VND40,000 billion. The market is very potential because at present, per capita consumption of pastries and candies is around two kilogram while it is 2.8 kilogram in the world.
Moreover, its sustainable growth has attracted foreign investors yet domestic supply is abundant with various kinds and reasonable price.

By KIM CHUNG – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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