Investors complain 2-year-long time of receiving construction permits

At a meeting held by the Ho Chi Minh Investment and Trade Promotion Center and the city Department of Construction yesterday, many investors complained that they received construction permits after two years instead of 20 days as per the regulation.
Investors complain 2-year-long time of receiving construction permits ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
At the conference, most businesses expressed their frustration because it takes years to get a construction permit; as a result, the progress of many real estate projects was slow and the property market in Ho Chi Minh City was quite quiet. Moreover, public land is interspersed with commercial housing projects that have existed for a long time but the government have not had solutions to remove bottlenecks.
After listening to a series of opinions from businesses, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction Huynh Thanh Khiet said sorry for the existing problems promising that his Department will coordinate with related departments and agencies to solve them.
Mr. Huynh Thanh Khiet also added that at present, there are about 70 procedures and 40 processes related to the department that must be handled in terms of construction. Meanwhile, there are many provisions in the laws and decrees that exceed or are not in line with the policy of the People's Committee in the southern metropolis, so the department has proposed to shorten the procedure to create the best and most favorable conditions for people to suit the city characteristics.
He cited that it is currently required to bid if the project with public land interspersed in commercial housing projects, even if it is only one square meter.
Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City could not do anything but had to wait. As for applying for a construction permit, according to regulations, it currently takes only 15 days for a permit to build a single house and 20 days for other projects.
However, it usually takes the Department about two years on average, even more than five years in the process of project approval, land use fees, and plan zoning. Particularly, according to the Department of Construction, a score of housing projects ought to be suspended to review the processes and procedures and will soon have specific implementation instructions.

By Lac Phong – Translated by Dan Thuy

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